Can Do!

How to achieve real personal change and growth

Can Do!
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ISBN: 9781904879732
Aantal pagina's: 303
Uitgever: Tyler Roland Press
Can Do! is the English translation of Ben Tiggelaar's Dutch book 'DOEN'
  • What factors influence our behavior in personal and corporate changes?
  • How can you break through old, ineffective habits and replace them with new, effective behavior?
  • How can you structurally increase the success of attempts at change in organizations?
In this book, top trainer Ben Tiggelaar gives answers to these questions and many more about change and growth. On the one hand, extremely practical, amusing, and accessible; on the other, no nonsense, sober and rooted in scientific behavioral research.

The Basic Change Method offers readers many new insights, countless practical examples, and an integrated three step-plan that can be used for both personal growth and for change in groups and companies.

According to readers and reviewers, an essential guide to understanding and controlling your own behavior and that of others.
"Ben Tiggelaar is an inspiring trainer and writer in the field of human behavior and change. You will find his books and ideas extremely practical, very realistic and fun to read!" Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here, Won't Get You There and Secrets of a Leadership Coach

What readers are saying about Can Do!
"This book is the perfect companion to The 7 Habits."
"I finally understand how I can  actually achieve
 the change I desire."
"This book helped me to understand the behavior of others,
and it gave me a great deal of insight into my own behavior."


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